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Subject:  Re: I'm Confused... Date:  3/2/2011  5:36 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  30679 of 73758

What exactly is this board about?

Pretty much anything someone want to talk about. Retirement planning, tax issues, investment strategies are all allowed if you want to bring up a topic. Actually, there is quite a bit of expertise and experience among the posters. It's just that we've talked about all of that stuff so we only wander back to those topics if someone reads an interesting article or a law changes that impacts our strategies, or ...

Is it ever on-topic?

Sometimes. (see above)

Ideas for how to save money on taxes or invest tax-free?? Financial planners??

Sure. Introduce yourself. Tell us where you are in the process or ask a question or tell us something you think is important that we might not know.

Is any board at TMF ever on-topic???

I've visited and participated in a lot of retirement planning sites and investment sites over the years. It seems to me that after awhile, they all turn into social discourse sites. 8 or 10 or a dozen or so posters who agree on enough fundamental issues tend to become the primary posters. They establish the environment. Once they have all discussed investment strategies, tax strategies, mortgage strategies, heal