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Subject:  Re: I'm Confused... Date:  3/2/2011  10:23 PM
Author:  PolymerMom Number:  30685 of 116957


I expect most Boards are seldom on topic if it's invaded by "grumpy Republicans"<g>.

That said, I'd suggest posting a question, or two (or more). It would be a real treat to get off the PA-lite treadmill.

As to financial planners, we use a fee-only planner. This is partly because we've had to deal w/ aging parent's finances and partly to keep the peace between MDH & I, who have very different approaches to investing. Then there was the transition from investing while working to investing for income and capital preservation.

Anyway, a fee-only planner doesn't sell investment "products" to clients to up the planner's income. Do interview several before settling on "the one". Some are of the opinion that, "I'm the planner. Once I get your risk profile, this is how I'll do it." Others are more willing to work with you and take note of your changing circumstances, as well as the market's.

Most have a method they use. If you're not comfortable with their method, look for others.

I didn't set out to find someone to max my investments to allow me to retire early. I ended up retiring a bit early (a bit over 60) because I was part of a company RIF. I kind of volunteered for it, because I'd hit 60 and had the resources to do it. As a result the company paid a rather nice "retirement bonus" that I hadn't expected. It wasn't enough to allow retirement, in and of itself, but it was a nice boost to the retirement funds.

One bit of advice is to game the system. I knew people in the late '90's that kept track of workforce reductions and planned for them. They usually had a new job lined up before the axe fell and let TPTB know they'd be willing to be cut. They took the severance package and moved on to a new job.

Track how your company reduces their workforce and what compensation is offered. In my case, each successive "package" was smaller than the preceding wave. It was time to exit.

Good luck!
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