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Subject:  Re: OT-musing about Consequences Date:  3/16/2011  11:30 PM
Author:  Prophet43M Number:  67882 of 83812


Great post!

The key sentence (for me) in your post was.....

"I have heard individuals sound off against oil drilling, nuclear power and even natural gas."

Let me add to your list of objectionable energy forms (by one group or another).....coal, dams for hydro-electric power, and wind energy...YES wind energy!

Three years ago or so, I went to a town hall by T Boone Pickens because I had nothing better to do and I wanted to see what he had to say. Turns out, the town hall was mostly touting his plan for using natural gas to power "over the road" trucks and battery power for cars (where batteries can provide adequate power). Guess what, protestors came to the town hall to protest his plans to put up large wind farms in or near the Texas Panhandle. I doubt if it had much to do with the protests but I believe T Boone did in fact "kill" the wind project. The bottom line is.....I was truly amazed. I'm pretty sure that there is not a single energy form that is not objectionable to at least one group or another!

Batteries for electric cars have their evils....and by the way some fuel source has to be used to generate the electricity to charge the batteries. I believe I also remember reading that the manufacture of solar panels generates lot of hazardous chemical waste (similar to all semi-conductor manufacturing processes)

Gurdison also said....

"If you take their desires to their logical conclusion, we would be driven back into the days before the industrial revolution."

I think its worse than that. If we observe the compliants of every group, we'll be driven back to the dark ages! (no pun intended)

MHO is that we/our government needs to keep spending large sums of money trying to develop the perfect energy source. Until we invent that "magic bullet" we need to keep using the best energy sources and technology available. As of right now, MHO is that a large share of the best energy source will continue to be oil and natural gas for the forseeable future.

I've made my living in the oil industry for 20 years. Nothing would make me happier than to be put out of work by some new environmentally perfect, low cost alternative energy. Until then, I'll keep showing up for work.
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