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Subject:  Re: OT-musing about Consequences Date:  3/17/2011  12:34 PM
Author:  dwerme Number:  67887 of 83877

<<Propane gel sounds like it could be flammable to me, although probably not badly so in the gel form. If so, I'm not sure it is better than water, although I guess it eventually evaporates away what isn't recovered for the next well.

brucedoe >>

Bruce, you should stop guessing on fracs and post on what you are sure about. There are all sorts of frac options. Water fracs are available which use no chemicals other than corn starches. The propane fracs are great for wet gas production, where facilities to strip the long chain hydrocarbons are already present.

Once under pressure, the gel changes state from a liquid to a gas. When the pressure is released, this gas travels out the bore head and is easily collected. This process generally takes less than 24 hours.

The recovery of this propane gas is done along with the same pipeline used to collect the natural gas. The separation of the propane from the natural gas is a process that already has to be done since there is a certain amount of propane present in natural gas. So the additional cost of this separation is minimal.

Sorry to get off topic, but this is a subject I can contribute, as opposed to REITs, where I mostly listen.
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