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Subject:  Samba - OMG! This girl knows how to samba Date:  3/22/2011  4:30 AM
Author:  Starrob Number:  264 of 268

Brazil is hands down my number #1 funnest place in the world. I think Brazil invented the party. They are the most partying people in the world and they hold the world's biggest party which is Mardi Gras Rio.

Mardi Gras Rio hands down beats anything in the world for fun......It just does. No one can name a comparable party on the scale of Mardi Gras Rio.

Right now, I am just in a Brazilian mood. I have been reminiscing on my time in Rio because I played this song:

That song was out when I was in Rio and I had this little romance with this girl I met when my ship went to Rio in 1987. I used to get off of the ship every night and go to the then infamous seaman bars named the Cowboy Bar and Florida Bar. Brazil was SUPER wild in was wide, wide open.

It was hands down the funnest time in my life.....and the funnest time in my life got attached to the Dirty Dancing song b