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Subject:  Re: now that it's April.. Date:  4/4/2011  6:57 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  112963 of 127753

any way of knowing whether/how the later Updates make a material difference?

Its probably just minor tweaks to the software, probably related to obscure forms that only a small percentage of people use.

but that one obscure form *might* be something i'm using (and not know it)

my guess has been that it's tweaks to things like explanations and the 'interview' (though ,iirc, there was something last year about not correctly handling Medicare ...o wait --that too was a confusing explanation)

Are you expecting a refund or paying? If paying, I wouldn't worry about it - I always waited until right before the 15th to file and pay.

that was my method when working .. if refund, file early/ if paying file last minute... for the cash flow.

now i'm retired so i always pay (a token amount)

what scares me (Weirdness follows) ..i'm retired, old, and sickly -- i worry that if i wait, i'll be in hospital and miss the 15th.

also (weirder) both my parents died in early April ..but had already filed and that meant less of a hassle dealing with 'estate')

If you are getting a refund, I wouldn't worry about it either, but you might want re-run the software on in late april to make sure it still shows the same

sounds like a good idea, thanks ...

file 'early' and then check in April to see if anything changes....
( and then come back here in Panic )
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