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Subject:  Re: Civil War Date:  4/5/2011  1:57 AM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  32131 of 116449

Based on my experience living in North Carolina for several years, many in the South do not acknowledge that the war is over yet - or at least not over forever. The rise in power of T-bagger fundamentalists is a point in favor of this opinion.

just curious ..when were you there?

i got the same feeling from guys from the South when i was in the Army (71), but when i've mentioned it to southern friends, they say, "o Noes ..not like that anymore"

[in fact, one of my favorite long boring stories ...

unit i was in was all college-educated and mostly drafted .. evenings, after going to the E-club and getting drunk, we'd play board games ..

one of the games was a simulation of Gettysburg ... a guy from the north who knew his history would take the Union and various guys from the south would take Lee. Union (as in actual history) would always win .. One time i took Lee ..and won.
From there on, i was "honorary colonel, CSA" and couldn't buy a beer if any of the southerners were around...

(no big deal really .. they all knew what actually happened and i had no idea the northern guy mostly just followed what the Union general had done and the southern guys the same .. Lee had lost, but he was a god, so he MUST have had the right idea. whereas i, know-nothing, went off on some wild-ass tangent that completely confused the northern guy ..)

fun times
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