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Subject:  Re: Civil War Date:  4/5/2011  2:18 AM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  32133 of 116889

I left North Carolina in '84, but I still have many very close friends there and also in Florida and Georgia. And I have continued to spend significant time in the South. I'll spend the week in Tampa next week and have spent significant time in Atlanta, Raleigh, and New Orleans in the past year.

Most of my professional colleagues who live in the South do not refer to the Civil War as the War of Northern Aggression, nor do they talk about the South rising again. Of course many of them are not even originally from the South. But when I travel, I have a tendency to stray from the university campuses and corporate offices that pay me to come and visit. I almost always tack on several days of time to my visits to explore and experience the culture on my own. You really don't have to get very far away from the tall buildings and freeways to experience a very different culture from downtown Atlanta or Raleigh or New Orleans or Tampa or ...

By the way, this is no different than almost any other region or country I've visited. Last October I spent a few weeks in Egypt. The differences in the culture and attitudes of Cairo office workers vs the farmers only a few dozen miles outside the city is staggering. The only place I've ever visited where this observation does not seem to hold would be Easter Island. There is only one village there with about 800 people living there. It seemed like a pretty homogeneous culture as far as I could tell from a two week visit.
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