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Subject:  Re: Civil War Date:  4/5/2011  8:04 AM
Author:  lindytoes Number:  32138 of 117001

Based on my experience living in North Carolina for several years, many in the South do not acknowledge that the war is over yet - or at least not over forever. The rise in power of T-bagger fundamentalists is a point in favor of this opinion.
just curious ..when were you there?

i got the same feeling from guys from the South when i was in the Army (71), but when i've mentioned it to southern friends, they say, "o Noes ..not like that anymore"
I live in the south and have almost exclusively since 1963. I was born in Chicago. I think the answer whether the war is over: it depends on where in the south -- small town or big city -- and probably age. My boss in the 1980s celebrated confederate memorial day (he's about 75 now) but he wasn't obnoxious about his heritage. When I lived in a very small town NE of Athens, Ga the people there thought of everybody as outsiders if they weren't from there--one person told me she had lived there 40 years and still was not accepted as one of them. When we first moved down here, it was to Atlanta, Ga and I don't remember being around a lot of strong southern heritage types (for one thing I believe a lot of that type in Atlanta are the richer, more affluent neighborhoods which does not describe our life). But you can definitely still find people who will say stupid things like "When the federal gov't gets too big, we can just secede from the union." -- sound familiar Texans?

And BTW the tea party is not just southern. Sarah Palin is Alaskan through and through. I think a good bit of the Alaskan population believes they could make it on their own and would prefer to be separated from the US. More power to them.
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