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Subject:  Re: Civil War Date:  4/5/2011  9:55 AM
Author:  ariechert Number:  32151 of 73669

"Today I was mowing the lawn and after mowing for awhile, I had to stop. The second time I had to start the mower I had to pull the cord three times. Normally, it only takes one pull. What possible reason and whose reason was behind that?

I went to pick up my truck from being repaired today and they forgot to give me my keys. After I walked out to the truck and found no keys in it, I had to walk back to the office and request my keys. What possible reason and whose reason was behind that?

I could go on like this forever." - salaryguru


I believe this Earth life is a school and we are here for three simple little reasons all of which are related with one another and have to do with the physical laws of the "other side" being different than "this side."

We are here to experience duality and separation, time and space, and imprint memories of what it was like and how it feels to inhabit or limited by the parameters of a physical body.

When you had to pull the cord three times on your lawnmower you were experiencing and learning about time and space. Distance, motion, limits, etc. The slight frustration you felt imprinted that memory on your consciousness so you would remember it.

The key episode is a simple little lesson in separation. In this case being separated from your keys! The little bit of emotion you felt was enough to cause you to remember that lesson.

Even the simplest things in life teach us about what it is like to be limited to or inside a physical body and all the silly little things we do while we go about our daily lives, like dropping a knife while washing dishes, teach us about motion, time and space, and what it was like to live in a 3 dimensional + 1 time universe.

Heaven is a place where thoughts are things and consciousness creates reality. The problem is that it is also a place where nothing exists unless it is first thought of. But before you can create something you have to have some idea of what you want to see or create. You can't learn to drive a car without actually getting behind the wheel of a car and driving it. You can't learn to ride a bike without climbing on one