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Subject:  Re: Civil War Date:  4/6/2011  3:29 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  32251 of 117514

LOL! When you were in school your teachers never asked you if you believed it was true or not.

I'm not in school and you aren't my teacher.

Whether you believe them or not was irrelevant. The teachers presented the information and it was downloaded into your brain and when the time came you regurgitated it on a test.

Maybe that's the way inferior thinkers and mediocre students did it. But not me and not real thinkers.

It's called holistic learning. Life's lessons are embedded in our everyday lives and we learn and experience what we are supposed to learn whether we want to or not.

You can call it anything you want. It doesn't make it legitimate, logical or real.

Belief is irrelevant, acceptance is irrelevant, agreement is irrelevant. You will experience duality and separation, time and space, and make memories of what it was like to be limited by a physical body and live in a 3 dimensional + 1 time Universe whether you want to or not.

If belief is irrelevant, then I choose not to believe. I will stick to facts and reject such nonsense. Art. "Duality and Separation" is BS. Repeating that mantra only makes the case that you are an illogical wacko. There are no facts to back your religious belief and it only clutters your life with unessential garbage.
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