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Subject:  Re: Civil War Date:  4/6/2011  4:37 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  32261 of 116885

I had to go away and think about this question.

But you don't answer it. That's a serious problem for your position.

Are you wanting a name? I'm not sure how to answer your question

You can make up a name - Zorglops, or the Giant Spaghetti Monster or Baby Jeebus or ... Obviously a name has no meaning by itself. You imply someone or something is teaching me a lesson. Not just me, but is teaching all 6.7 Trillion people on the face of the earth a lesson every second of every day. Whewwww. That's got to be tough. And it clearly requires some sort of incredible capacity for planning and insight. I just wonder about that twig on my roof. It was there for several days. I noticed it more than once. And this thing - the Spaghetti Monster or Zorglops or whatever you decide to call it - this incredible thing conducted my attention to it over and over again then coaxed just the right breeze one day so that I would learn a lesson. . . And in the meantime over that period of time it was making every other experience in my life contribute to another lesson .... And all the while it was doing the same thing for 6.7 Trillion other people. Does Zorglops do this for animals too? Or are they only part of our lessons?

So when I ask 'who", I'm not really interested in a name. I'm interested in the underlying characteristics of this thing that is making every experience of all 6.7 trillion people on the globe be a lesson. See... that's the thing about science and logic. You need to create a testable hypothesis. I don't know how you test "Then Zorglops makes 6.7 trillion people learn a lesson. Then Zorglops does it again... and again."
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