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Subject:  Re: Investment Tip for Ned's Friends Date:  4/8/2011  8:42 AM
Author:  trepanne Number:  21969 of 21996

a daughter who doesn't eat red meat

those ones don't survive to maturity in our household. our 4-year-old clamors for tendon, tripe, and sashimi; the 1-year-old has started eating boudin blanc for baby food (he ate a whole link of it for dinner tonight).

we get a lot of mileage out of shrimp boils these days. you need the big suckers, like 10 or 15 to the pound. take the peels & heads for stock (or else cheat & use bottled clam juice instead); season the flesh & set aside. add tablespoon or two of oil or chicken schmaltz to a dutch oven; slice smoked andouille into knuckle lengths & brown over high heat. remove browned andouille; reduce heat to medium; brown thick onion slices & whole peeled garlic. dump in canned tomatoes & shrimp stock; dilute with a little water. tie up a bundle of thyme, a good strong bay leaf, and a whole dried cayenne; toss into the pot. grind in black pepper; add maybe a tablespoon of your favorite spice mix (paul prudhomme; tony chachere; old bay) and bring to boil. reduce heat to medium-low. boil new potatoes for ~10min, then add sliced corn on the cob and whole okra and boil for ~5 min. add the andouille back in with a link of boudin, if you got it. nestle the shrimp down in; boil shrimp 3min, covered; flip & boil on other side 3min; remove shrimp to clean bowl. i tend to adjust the seasoning with thai fish sauce. serve with tongs or chopsticks.

long bdx, emr, intc, msft, jnj, mkl, hrs, dhr (sold april $52.50 calls against), pg, tgt and a few more conversation killers. mostly bond proxies.

seems like a good strategy in the current market; i'm steering some of my relatives that way myself - many of the same names, even.

i've been hiding more in market-neutral workouts - like, yesterday i was most of the volume on NEGI. this operation probably marked the spade hitting the bottom of the barrel:

as i said, nothing of interest. and lamely flapping your wrists & talking about doing 15-20% uncorrelated doesn't fly so hot when beta is the place to be... i'm reduced to praying volubly for a market meltdown, which of course just drives it higher.

and not much in the pipeline once my current crop comes in. looks like 2H2011 is going to involve a lot of sitting in cash. either that or trying to work up some song & dance about generating alpha in JNJ, MSFT, et al.

brk pos to pi. it'll hit $150k when MIT wins the NCAA men's b-ball final, though not before

MIT has a basketball team??

i dunno, i'm kind of not feeling the sokolgate trade because of the low % decline in the stock. maybe paired with short SPDR to pinpoint the relative performance, but that's a lot of capital to tie up, and i can't really go on margin.

maybe a different way to skin the cat would be to look at calls (esp LEAPS) on BRK or other boring stocks that have flatlined forever in a bull market.

god it's depressing that i'm even thinking about this.
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