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Subject:  Re: living lightly on the land Date:  4/22/2011  9:08 PM
Author:  andrew61 Number:  32745 of 116416

I could aspire to be half this green and I would be happy. Of course they mostly talked about waste...I didn't read all the blogs she created so I don't know for sure, but the ultimate would be a wringer washing machine and hanging clothes out to dry...

Wringer washing machines still use electricity. "The ultimate" would be washing clothes by hand using an old-fashioned scrub board like my grandmother did when she was young (and even occasionally when she was older, when she wanted to only wash one garment at a particular time and not use the machine).

Remember the scene in the movie "Far and Away" where Tom Cruise is trying to teach Little Miss Not-Used-To-Working-With-Her-Hands Nicole Kidman how to wash clothes? "Plunge and scrub... plunge and scrub." I got a kick out of that one... heh.

I'm not knocking what they are doing -- it is great. But it feels like they are addressing half a solution. I think living in NYC in a much smaller apartment and using public transportation is going to be a great "green" step for you, alstroemeria. And of course they did downsize their living space (which is an energy saver). For that I give them big kudos. Bigger houses and bigger lots have caused a huge sprawl problem in this country and not only do those houses use more energy on the inside, it causes us to drive more and contributes to destroying ecosystems, ruining our water through runoff, etc., etc.

I live in a city apartment and use public transit (and good old-fashioned walking) and I'm perfectly happy. I never consciously, deliberately set out to be "green", but I'd match my own carbon footprint against that of most Americans any day.

-andrew, whose electric bill last month was $17
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