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Subject:  Re: New Fool Phone App Date:  6/16/2011  6:11 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  85627 of 91913

my thinking was too limited.
i was only thinking 'free' (All my six or so apps are free)

$2.99 too steep for ME ..but others would jump on it.


I don't buy apps.

I didn't either, for a while. I have now bought a half dozen or so, the most expensive of which is $2.99. (It's called "Dotties", and it gives you the Weight Watchers points from restaurant menus across the country. Handy to have in your pocket when your dining out and on the program. She started with a simple website and hoped to sell a few ads. Now she has a lot of ads and apps for Apple and Android, which people actually pay money for. Imagine!)

Maybe the price point isn't $2.99, maybe it's 99¢. Maybe it's free with ads. Dunno, that's up to the marketing guys.

As for the reason that "it's too hard to separate out the text", well, maybe, but color me a skeptic. Wasn't there a guy who set up a separate search function for the Mechanical Investing board so users could search there? (That was because the Search Function sucks. Have I mentioned lately that the search function sucks? It's improved, but it still sucks.)

Somehow he was able to extract the relevant metadata, import it into his own machine and then spit it back out to users who wanted to look for older posts that they couldn't find using the Fool's search function. That was because the Search Function sucked, I guess.

Anyway, if he could do it from his bedroom (albeit for one board), how hard could it be to extract the information from other boards and shoot it to phones in appropriate font-ing and formatting? I know, I know, impossible. Right up there with "Can we get the Favorite Fools sorted by most recently added instead of alphabetical?"

Would you pay anything to get the Fool boards on your phone in some kind of readable display? Maybe I should set up a poll, not that it would matter.
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