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Subject:  Re: New Fool Phone App Date:  6/20/2011  1:22 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  85644 of 91984

Oh for heaven's sake. Nobody said they wouldn't do it. What they said was: There isn't currently enough demand to justify the expense so it isn't high on the priority list.

Well, they said they wouldn't do it. If you have $3,000,000 then they'll do it. That's an absurd statement on its face, since it takes nowhere near that to create an app. Not 1/10th, perhaps not 1/100th. Leaving the discussion boards out of "mobile" seems a strategic mistake to me. Seems Mark Zuckerberg agrees.

I'd really like the color scheme to be customizable.

Silly. You go from "completely unusable in its present form" to "I'd like the color to be blue." You usually make better arguments than this.

thinks typing long messages on the Facebook mobile app sucks

OK. Nobody says you have to "type long messages." Maybe you just want to read-only when you have some downtime at the Doctor's waiting room, and when you get back you can flag those that you want to reply to from a real keyboard.

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