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Subject:  Re: New Fool Phone App Date:  6/21/2011  12:21 AM
Author:  Frydaze1 Number:  85659 of 91913

I see. You said:

"completely unusable in its present form"

So I show you that it's not merely usable from my phone; it's fully functional. Even down to copying, pasting, and italicizing. But that makes me silly because you didn't actually *mean* what you said.

And then there's this:

Maybe you just want to read-only when you have some downtime at the Doctor's waiting room, and when you get back you can flag those that you want to reply to from a real keyboard.

So I show you that I can read your post from my phone. But, again, I'm silly because you didn't really *mean* that being able to read the messages was your priority.

You can currently use your phone browser on the message boards. Your browser will even zoom in and out and wrap the text. It's a text-only site, so there isn't all that much more to be done to make reading more effective. And typing isn't going to be any easier than it ever is on a phone, but it's still doable as much as any other mobile app I've seen. If you think about the Facebook mobile app you keep bringing up, you'll see that almost none of it is even applicable here. So really all you're doing is complaining about a few cosmetic changes to assist in navigation. And, you're right, those cost a lot less to do. And would be a little more convenient. But since you'll gain so little functionality with them, they're even less worth doing. Of all the things TMF could do to make the board users happy, a few mobile navigation buttons seems farther down the list than most of what is asked for on this board... most of which they *do* already have code to implement.

You're usually more amenable to reason than this, but you're entitled to a bad day, I guess.

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