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Subject:  Re: New Fool Phone App Date:  6/23/2011  9:45 AM
Author:  RaplhCramden Number:  85664 of 89907

What do you think the chances are that TMF's "official" policy is that for $3MM they will build a message board app? We are lucky enough to have a few Fools who will engage on boards like this, then I read the thread and am reminded why this is rare and why it is rare throughout corporate America. The public is too uninformed and too ready to whine to have open discussion with the public be a good policy except in some very limited circumstances.

Anybody who wants to develop an app is welcome to. On the Android side of the world, the only things you HAVE to pay money for to develop an app is a PC. If you already have a PC (and I'm guessing most people posting on these boards do), ALL the software you need is free, and there are reasonably well documented discussions of every step of the process. You need the Java Development Kit (JDK) from, Android Software Development Kit (SDK) from... I don't remember where its from, google it. I highly recommend Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

For the last two months I have been thrashing around learning Android Apps. My particular focus is nerdy, I want to log various things that the phone does for the understanding of performance and the development of algorithms to do some other stuff efficien