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Subject:  What To Do Date:  6/29/2011  7:41 PM
Author:  RockyFaher Number:  265 of 319

I don't care about 401's, IRA's, CD's, Savings rates, and pension plans. I have them all. My questions center around the quandary of relocation, destination, and the means employed to achieve those goals. I own my primary residence free and clear. I have no extracurricular expenses ( kids are gone, no credit cards, no bills beyond utilities) and $80,000 dollars a year to save and spend.

I want to buy a retirement home in a destination of my choice now while all the market forces are in my favor. Low interest rates, housing valuations 50% what they were three years ago, a smoking hot buyers market awash in vacant structures, repossessions, and distressed properties. I can take a first against my paid off home and pay cash to purchase a house in Florida for half what its original sale price was three years ago. Spend the next nine years paying down the new low interest loan. Use the secondary residence as a vacation destination for my wife and I, and other family members interested in going to south Florida within easy traveling distance of Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Palm Beach, and Key West.
In nine years when I drop my papers, sell the old house pay off the First on it, pocket the balance and move to my free and clear retirement destination.

Does this idea make sense or should I wait nine years, sock away all the cash I can and buy at that time with all the unknowns and imponderables left for that far off day? Is there a better idea?
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