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Subject:  Got around to seeing it. Date:  7/20/2011  7:10 AM
Author:  medgoddess Number:  3120 of 3191

Possible spoilers (who am I kidding, we've all read the series).

Saw it in 2-D. It was fine that way...although I could see the scenes where 3-D would have made it even more exciting (e.g. entering Gringotts).

Follows the book for the most part, except the end battle - I thought JKR wrote the ending well for staging, but they changed it. Tonally, emotionally, is very true to the book.

Very wisely eliminated much of shell cottage planning. Breaking into Gringotts - definitely exciting and amusing watching Helena Bonham Carter play Hermione playing Bellatrix.

Meeting Aberforth and Ariana was close to the book, albeit abridged. The entrance into Hogwarts was changed, but not necessarily in a bad way. I can see why it was filmed this way instead of how originally written.

McGonagall kicks arse. The first phase of the battle is amazing to watch. Harry discovers the diadem slightly differently than in the book, but this way actually makes more sense. Ron and Hermione destroy the cup. The kiss, ***THE KISS***, is in private. I haven't figured out if I like it better or worse that way.

Snape's death is not in the Shrieking Shack, but otherwise is close to the book. Alan Rickman is so damn cool. And The Prince's Tale scene that follows follows the book. And packs the wallop expected.

I admit, I bawled at the Resurrection Stone scene. I did when I read the book as well, so take that as it may be.

The Forbidden Forest scene was so brief. But the final battle was wildly different from the book. In the book, the final showdown is between Harry and Voldemort in public...the movie completely changed it (even throwing in a line about it being the just two of them).

Epilogue was pointless.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.

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