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Subject:  Re: Another IRA RMD Question Date:  7/21/2011  4:10 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  113792 of 127753


{{{OK. i thought the point of RMD was to get the taxes from the the IRA sooner .

moving to Roth would still get the tax.}}}

<<<The IRS do not care: you still cannot do it. It makes sense to me that it should be OK, but making sense and IRS regulations are not normally discussed in the same sentence.>>>

"i'm an outlier ..IRS usually does make a kind of sense to me.*

usually, i can see where if the rule were different, someone could take advantage /Or someone would lose advantage.

.. i don't really see either with the "convert IRA to Roth OK; convert RMD to Roth not OK" "

I will take a shot at this.

RMD is a required minimum distribution, and when taken, it is outside of any IRA umbrella. In addition, the amount of the RMD for any given year (other than the initial year for those with birthdays later than June 30, who have a delay and double up option) is fixed as of December 31 of the prior year.

Convert is a term of art and conversions can only be done on funds within and IRA.

Given that RMD amount is fixed as of prior year (subject to . . .) and that RMD is outside of IRA umbrella, it cannot be converted because conversion is oly for amounts in the IRA umbrella.

As a reminder, Roth IRAs do not require RMDs.

Regards, JAFO
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