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Subject:  Disgusting Date:  7/31/2011  6:11 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  35685 of 73765

Reid tentatively backs deal to raise debt ceiling

. . . The outlines of the proposal on the table would raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling in two stages.
. . .

Today, the Senate on a 50-49 vote failed to end a filibuster on Reid's debt-limit proposal . . .

. . .
McConnell said the deal would increase the debt ceiling in two stages -- as Boehner's House plan sought to do -- and include $3 trillion in spending cuts.

. . .
Initially, the debt limit would be raised by about $1 trillion and federal spending would be cut by an almost equal amount. A new joint committee of Congress would be appointed to come up with more spending cuts -- including changes to Medicare and entitlements -- that would be tied to a second increase of $1.4 trillion in the debt limit.

If Congress rejected the joint committee's recommendations, automatic spending cuts across the government -- including to the popular Medicare health care program for seniors and to Pentagon operations -- would take effect.
. . .
. . .
House economic adviser Gene Sperling, also appearing on CNN, said there would be no revenue increases in the deal being worked out between the White House and McConnell.

McConnell said negotiators are working on a guarantee that Congress would vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution as part of the deal. . .

What am I missing? Is there one single part of this deal that is not simply Democrats surrendering to Republican terrorism?

Here is how Obama and Democrats negotiate with Republicans today:

Obama: First, before we even start negotiating, I would like to give you 1/2 of what you want and take 1/2 of what I want off the table. That seems fair.

Republican Congress: No. Everything we want and nothing you want or we'll destroy the country.

Obama: Okay, how about if I remove 90% of what I want and give you 1/2 of what you want? Polls and surveys show that what you want is unpopular and the remaining 10% that I want is very popular.

Republican Congress: No. Everything we want and nothing you want or we'll destroy the country.

Obama: Okay, I'll take all of my desires off the tabl