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Subject:  Re: can't afford health care? ditch cable! Date:  8/9/2011  11:19 AM
Author:  lindytoes Number:  35983 of 116441

Here's the important part of the article:

"But for the majority of Americans, crawling out of medical debt isn’t as simple as changing to a cheaper phone plan. According to a 2007 study, more than 60 percent of all bankruptcies are “actually capsized by medical bills” and most bankruptcy filers are “middle-class, well-educated homeowners” who can probably control their texting addictions. A more recent study published this year found that bankruptcy rates are particularly high among cancer patients, but “much lower for people age 65 and up, who would be eligible for Medicare.”

I will agree with Santorum on one thing -- our cell phones and cable bills are too high. But that is because they have us by the throats -- I have struggled to reduce my costs but the competition is just not there. And some plans want a two year commitment which is highway robbery--I just can't do it. As soon as my two year contract is up with AT&T I am ditching it. I hate AT&T--what they stand for, who they support politically, and their prices/service.
"AT&T has been eager to assure everyone lately that its continued growth will only mean good things for its customers. However, the company isn't in a rush to mention that it has regularly supported politicians with a far right-wing agenda.

See the list below for our top 10 reasons why progressives should avoid AT&T. Instead, join CREDO Mobile, America's only progressive phone company. And you'll rest assured that your phone company is working for your values, not against them.

1. AT&T gave a whopping $426,000 to House and Senate Tea Party Caucus members during the 2010 election cycle.
2. AT&T repeatedly contributed to Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, the chief sponsor of legislation that would redefine rape and severely restrict women's access to reproductive health care.
3. AT&T gave $169,500 to the campaigns of global warming deniers elected to Congress in 2010.*
4. AT&T was among the top 10 PAC donors in the 2010 elections to Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, now infamous for his deceptive anti-union tactics.
5. AT&T spent millions lobbying Congress and the FCC to exempt wireless from net neutrality regulations.
6. AT&T gave more than $300,000 to right-wing Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.
7. AT&T throws fundraisers "honoring" some of our nation's most odious politicians, including environmental outlaw Sen. David Vitter and the viciously anti-Muslim Rep. Pete King.
8. AT&T gave the maximum contribution to elect George W. Bush not once but twice.
9. AT&T supported the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008.
10. CREDO's contract buyout credit will help offset any early termination fees from your current phone company. We'll credit your account up to $200 per line, up to three lines."
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