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Subject:  Re: can't afford health care? ditch cable! Date:  8/10/2011  1:56 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  36006 of 117706

<<Washington States health insurance law was written by Republicans and insurance companies

A big overlap fer sure, but Republicans =/ tea baggers. I suspect your typical Washington state Republican voter is positively moderate compared to a typical tea partier.>>

In the early 1990s the Democrats controlled Washington State government, as they do now. Liberals adopted a Massachusetts type health care law mandating "health insurance for everyone," but failed miserably to make it work.

One part prohibited health insurance conmpanies from excluding people because of pre existing conditions. Of course, that meant that people waited until they were already sick and applied for health insurance coverage then ---hospitals and doctors offices were busy signing people up for coverage.

That wasn't going to last for long, and EVERY health insurance company in the state quit writing ANY individual health insurance coverage for new people.

About thi8s same time Republicans gained control of the legislature, and wrote the current law which allows anyone to get health insurance but excludes coverage of preexisting conditions for nine months. Also, anyone who is coming off COBRA can get any individual health insurance plan regardless of preexisting conditions.

It's a pretty reasonable law, and even Democrats haven't tampered with it.

Of course, you still have to be able to afford the premiums, which are $1130/month for me at age 61.

Washington State Republicans are not especially moderate, which is one important reason why they are pretty much shut out of state government.

Democrats have been doing a fair to poor job of running the state, but on the whole voters prefer Democrats to Republicans. Moderate Republicans tend to lose out to conservatives in primary elections.

Seattle Pioneer
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