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Subject:  Re: can't afford health care? ditch cable! Date:  8/20/2011  12:46 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  36288 of 117712

I got news for you.

Obama care isn't going to be free.

Most of Europeans pay 7.5% in 'social taxes' on their paycheck. So figure that much disappears. Then they have a 20% VAT on everything they buy. THink of your next car costing 20% more. Someone has to pay for all the folks who get subsidies.

If you are working, you'll not only pay your own, but someone else's. Double.

I was paying $370/month for $2000 deductible with 30% co-pay up to 5K a year at age 64. Now on Medicare...and is over $300/month between what SS takes (I have to pay the higher rate), and for the supplement each month. Oh, and you pay for your drug plan, too!....of course, now it is $10 cop pays or similar........ but I'm still paying well north of $4000 for 'Medicare'.....

SO why would you think ObamaCare will be 'less expensive'?

For a working middle class couple making $150K/yr, they'll be paying $10,000 plus a year with a 7.5% type tax...and when they buy stuff, another 15k a year in VAT........or another thousand plus a month.

So that will be 25K for things.....and it still won't be enough because once congress starts on subsidies, it won't be long before each year, they'll give more and more folks more and more subsidies to buy votes.....

Then they'll be looking to the middle class couples to pay 30 or 40 thousand in taxes to support ObamaCare.

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