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Subject:  Re: Sandbag Disenfrancisement Date:  8/29/2011  12:04 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  582035 of 875628

What is the main criticism that lefties have about voter ID laws? It is that “the poor” are being kept from voting because it is a “poll tax” to have the onerous requirement of getting a state ID.

Excellent NRO article on Voter ID laws:


The Georgia court said that the claim that voter ID is the same as a poll tax “represents a dramatic overstatement.” Imposing tangential burdens “does not transform a regulation into a poll tax” and “the cost of time and transportation” to obtain a free ID “cannot plausibly qualify as a prohibited poll tax because those same ‘costs’ also result from voter registration and in-person voting requirements, which one would not reasonably construe as a poll tax.” All of the states implementing voter ID have provided free IDs for anyone who does not already have one. As Rhode Island state senator Harold Metts said, “In this day and age, very few adults lack one of the forms of identification that will be accepted, and the rare person who does can get a free voter-ID card.”
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