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Subject:  Re: Sandbag Disenfrancisement Date:  8/30/2011  4:59 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  582230 of 876082

When you go to vote, you've been registered in advance, and they check your name off of a list. If you live in MD or VA, you can't vote in DC.

When you go to get sandbags, there is no pre-registration. Besides ensuring you are a DC resident, I imagine the ID requirement is also to prevent someone from getting their bags, going to the back of the line, and getting more.

These ends are also accomplished by pre-registration in voting but we don't put that beauracracy in front of sandbag distribution.

Your argument might have some validity of there were some ID-checking in the process of voter registration.

There is not.

I personally have gone to a government office, picked up a stack of 30 or so voter-registration forms, and a few days later turned in about 20 of them all filled out. It was not anything I was paid to do. I did not check IDs of the people filling them out, and the staff of the election office where I turned them in (which I've never been to except on this occasion) did not check my ID when I picked them up or turned them in or ask me anything about the people who filled them out.

However, people did actually see me and I did actually see the people who filled them out.

Lots of public libraries have a rack of voter registration forms in their entryway or some other easily-accessible area. I can pick one up, fill it out, and mail it in - without anyone even seeing me.

And my legal address and mailing address are not the same. I can have my voter registration card, my ballot, etc. sent to my mailing address, without anyone checking if there's actually any connection between me and the legal address I claim.

The most difficult problem I would face in registering to vote a hundred times, is writer's cramp.

(Well, actually, my mailing address is a mail forwarding service. There's some risk that the staff there would notice that I'm getting an improbable number of ballots in the mail, considering that I live in a motorhome, and ask some authorities about it. But what if I and my family *were* the staff there?)
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