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Subject:  Truly Gestalt Date:  9/6/2011  7:01 PM
Author:  Myownigloo Number:  21168 of 21260

So there's Gestalt the way it's meant, as in the spirit of something, its essence or the sum of the parts.

Then there's Gestalt as in ghost, as in scary thing that frightens little children and teenagers who go to horror films.

I've been very rushed lately and cooking meals has been minimalist at best.

This morning in an effort make sure we have food on the table this week, I put the following in a crockpot:

A couple of ham hocks
A bunch of pinto beans that had been soaking in the fridge all weekend
A can of whole tomatoes (snipping them into smaller pieces)
A package of shredded cabbage
A half package of chopped onions
A half package of chopped green pepper
Half a box of low-sodium chicken broth
Pepper flakes, cocoa, cumin seeds, and whatnot. Really. I can't remember what all spices I threw in there.


I made a turkey meatloaf by needing into ground turkey some egg whites (from a carton), garbanzo and fava bean flour*, onions, green pepper (the other halves of the pkgs above), cinnamon, allspice, curry powder, and more whatnot. I formed it into a big round loaf and centered it in the crockpot ON TOP OF the bean mixture above. Then I smeared some leftover mango chutney from Indian take-out all over the top.

I'm planning on making a huge pot of brown jasmine rice when I get home to go with it all.

Gestalt in the second sense of the word? We'll see.

I'll let you know how it all comes out.


*DH is gluten intolerant.
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