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Subject:  Re: Kindie to first grade Date:  9/26/2011  7:46 PM
Author:  TheEvilDrP Number:  1932 of 1951

Thanks. I had the meeting today and the principal is amenable to pulling him out to first-grade reading and math but the teacher is NOT. She is adamantly opposed to it because his handwriting is not as refined as other children and because he still draws stick people. He also has trouble with the directions apparently. I think it is more of a perception issue as she told him to draw his name in colors; he drew his name in yellow and colored around it in red where other children drew the letters in different colors.

Admittedly his work is not the neatest and I knew that going in. The teacher said that when he finishes working, she lets him get a book to sit by himself and read but he wants to keep working with his friends. In her eyes, it means he's not ready for a pull-out; in mine, it means he needs a more appropriate academic peer group. There was a whole lot of Wombat-bashing going on in today's meeting, and I tried hard not to be defensive with regard to it.

Most of his issues center around classroom etiquette and not knowing this "Everyday Math" program and verbiage. She asked him to write a "number sentence" for example; when she said this, I asked her what a "number sentence" was. Apparently, it's an equation so I asked her if she asked him to write an equation. I feel like it's setting him up for failure to learn these terms that will only apply here and don't mean anything to the rest of the world.

So...venting aside, today I looked at a Montessori program that is relatively close. The cost is insane and I will have to hire someone to drop him off at school but there's a woman I know who is in a similar situation and she said her nanny might be able to do it. At a minimum, The Wombat wants a different teacher; the best part of his day is aftercare and he used to LOVE school.

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