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Subject:  Re: Kindie to first grade Date:  9/27/2011  2:11 PM
Author:  GardenStateFool Number:  1938 of 1951

Most of his issues center around classroom etiquette and not knowing this "Everyday Math" program and verbiage. She asked him to write a "number sentence" for example; when she said this, I asked her what a "number sentence" was. Apparently, it's an equation so I asked her if she asked him to write an equation. I feel like it's setting him up for failure to learn these terms that will only apply here and don't mean anything to the rest of the world.

So...venting aside, today I looked at a Montessori program that is relatively close. The cost is insane and I will have to hire someone to drop him off at school but there's a woman I know who is in a similar situation and she said her nanny might be able to do it. At a minimum, The Wombat wants a different teacher; the best part of his day is aftercare and he used to LOVE school.

This is what happened with DS1, he used to adore school when he was in kindergarten (where they had a much more Montessori-like environment) and loathed first grade. I only figured it out later, when I had him tested.

Everyday Math is AWFUL. Just horrific. They stopped using it in our district, thankfully, after they found out that something like 60% of the people who graduated high school with that curriculum required remedial math in college.

It's terrible, and it's frustrating!!!

Also, the handwriting thing... I have horrible handwriting (but I type like a demon), both my DS's have horrible handwriting, and that's just kind of the way it is.

But if he's bored, keep advocating for him - you know your child, and what's going to be right for him!

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