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Subject:  Re: Studying abroad - what do they need? Date:  9/27/2011  4:58 PM
Author:  YewGuise Number:  2092 of 2302

Congrats! She'll have a blast.

I feel I should have some info/advice, given that DS spent spring semester (of his Jr year) abroad, but the sponsoring organization (, DS, and DS in consultation with fellow travelers, took care of everything from phone selection to passport/visa issues.

My thought was that, except for his passport, anything he might need he could get over there, so as long as his credit card and ATM card worked he'd be fine, and he was. Since he went to China (not Italy), differences were:
- everything from food to clothes was available as cheaply as he liked, and
- he needed some immunizations. My one regret was not doing more homework on that. During one phone call he mentioned a fellow student "gave me some of his malaria pills," so all's well that ends well, but if I'd been more conscientious it would've been my kid helping the others instead of vice versa.

He did take only a backpack, and that worked better than a suitcase, especially since he did a lot of hiking.

Also, he'd studied Mandarin for 3 semesters, so he knew a little bit of the language. If your DD has had any Italian lessons, she'll get a lot more out of the trip than otherwise, even if she's not fluent, but if she's had none, I think an early Christmas present of Rosetta Stone or other lessons would be great.
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