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Subject:  Re: Dividend yield Date:  10/27/2011  11:40 AM
Author:  JustMee01 Number:  2173 of 2238


A better board for general questions is Investing Beginners:

It has more traffic. This one is only gently used. (Not that there's anything wrong with using it.)

The number on TMF is just plain screwed up. As for the differences between Yahoo and dividend channel, they're probably just a matter of the freshness of the quote. I believe Yahoo refreshes the data on close. Yahoo can also on occassion have dividend data wrong. This isn't as common on common stocks as it is on preferred shares, royalty trusts, etc. Some things that are low volume and of lesser interest make it under Yahoo's radar. The other common reason for disparities is a special dividend. If it's a one-time divi, some sites may miss it and exclude it from the calculation.

You're best served by going to your broker's site and collecting the divi information there. Since that's a pay service that they use, they shouldn't miss anything. If you find a discrepancy, you can also just calculate it yourself. Total up the divis from the last 12 months and grab your calculator.

Divi yield = (divi / share price) x 100

($0.40/ $73.36 recent quote) x 100 = 0.545%

And always remember that special divis are usually one-time. They can make the trailing numbers look juicier than future yields will be...

I suspect that Yahoo's 0.60% is the result of a stale quote and/or a rounding error to only 1 significant figure in their XML (or whatever language is used to code the page). Trust your broker's quotes and your own calculator. Use the free services for screening ideas, not for making final decisions.

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