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Subject:  Re: Oldest Fridge Contest Date:  11/6/2011  10:30 PM
Author:  sykesix Number:  37879 of 116881

I don't think tele needs to worry about it. His house is paid for, his cars are paid for, no credit card debt, no wife, no kids, he doesn't drink or smoke or do illegal drugs. I think he's got plenty of money and that is why and how he is able to go galavanting around the country anytime he wants to. The life he's chosen works perfectly well for him just like intercst's life works for him.

We all choose different paths in life. Like my mom used to say, "you just got to live in this life kiddo!" Meaning that everyone is struggling through life as best they can. Although I get the distinct impression that tele isn't struggling too much financially.

I can grok that. Some years ago, was a poster named JABOA who wrote that he dropped a ton of cash on a harpsichord over on the LBYM board. That was viewed as highly controversial at the time, but as it turns out JABOA died a short time later. Had he not spent the cash, he never would have gotten the enjoyment out of playing the harpsicord.

I can grok that SP likes the feel and vibe of old appliances. As I said, if he wants to spend his money in that area I can understand the concept. Just like some people like old cars want to travel, play golf, or whatever else.

Tele however, says that wants to spend his money on needlessly high utility bills, and uses lies and distortions to justify his hobby. That's crazy. If you get a kick out of sending extra money to utility companies, more power to you. But don't BS about it. Just say you get a thrill by writing checks to your company be done with it.
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