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Subject:  Re: Oldest Fridge Contest Date:  11/8/2011  5:00 AM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  37922 of 116445

i think everywhere i've lived (65+yrs) has had gas and NO explosions ..maybe i'm due?
That reminds me why I sometimes do poorly at parties...I remember someone telling a joke that required you to believe that after 10 (or 100 or whatever many) coin tosses turned up the same way that the other way was "due." I blurted out that each toss was independent and assuming an untampered-with coin had a 50-50 chance of turning up heads (or tails) each time, with the odds not increasing after a run of heads (or tails). The group dispersed...

o well.....
some jokes, like sci-fi require a suspension of disbelief <g>

you're not supposed to blurt out /"no God doesn't work that way" or whatever,
you're supposed to either laugh at the absurdity of the premise, or quietly roll your eyes (i generally go for the latter)
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