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Subject:  Re: Oldest Fridge Contest Date:  11/11/2011  7:05 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  38085 of 117576

I think intercest is a bitter, friendless, loveless millionaire who knows how to squeeze a penny and make lots of money investing in the stock market but doesn't have a clue about human emotions and empathy.

I am STLL bothered by this statement. You know, I suppose "loveless" could apply to all of our single RELE folks, including SP and tele (and for all I know, Leroy--haven't noticed him mentioning a spouse/GF/BF). It's really rude and totally uncalled for. One of our best friends is a widower who was an only child--the thought of anyone saying this about him makes my blood boil! And if any of us lost our mates, we'd be loveless too, except for really close friends and family.

PS--I bet there are many more bitter, friendless, and/or loveless poor and middle class people than millionaires.

PPS--Maybe this struck a nerve because I have friends & relations who have low EQ--just born that way. I'm a bit on the Aspbergerish, introverted side and somewhat socially awkward myself. Might as well criticize someone for having straight hair or a limp. Jesus.

PPPS--And what was Leroy complaining about, anyhow? That intercst is insufficiently empathetic to conservative millionaires?! Well, me too! But my electric bill and homeowners' insurance are both significantly more expensive than my property taxes, our discretionary spending more than our income taxes. This was true when I was lower, upper, and middle-middle class. And the brief moment I was rich, too. I think some wealthy folks are just complainypants.
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