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Subject:  Re: Pls Help Me get Off To A Good Start Date:  11/16/2011  6:12 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  114316 of 127753

NotfoolinRound: You post is too long and scrolly for me to copy accurately, so some random thoughts.

1. You talked about a dollar amount to manage and multiple accounts, but I cannot determine for how many people you are managing this money and these accounts. If you are managing essentally for yourself, then that it one thing, but if you are managing accounts for multiple people, with different risk profiles and tolerance, and different timelines for needing the money, then mixing srategies across accounts is a bad idea, IMO.

2. You also mentioned divorce and "soon to be ex-wife"; I would tread very carefully until the divorce is finalized and all the accounts are separated. And I would keep my counsel in the loop; even if you and your wife "agree" to something, if the lawyers are unaware and the result of of your agreement leaves one spouse in a worse position, that spouse's lawyer could raise a ruckus.

3. In conjunction with 2, I would be very careful about using separate property (inheritance) to pay community debts, while creating a larger community pot to be divided between the two of you. I do not know in which state you are located, or the applicable laws of that unknown state, but it is not uncommon for separate property to remain separate and community property to be divided between the spouses.

4. In conjunction with 2 and 3, I would remind you that $x in an IRA for which income taxes will need to be paid when withdrawn is not equal to $x in an account unencumbered by existing tax liabilities. I could not understand Note 2 in your post.

5. I have never subscribed to any TMF premium services, so I have no direct experience with them, ut when TMD first started, premium services were sold by the Wise and bought by the foolish (not the Foolish).

6. I would be very careful about options and margin accounts, until you a very comfortable that you understand how you can be whipsawed by the extra leverage and usualy market volatility.

7. My understanding of the research is that it is generally better to invest all at once, instead of dollar cost averaging into the market, but I suggest that there is also a personal "sleeap at night" factor that you should consider when making this decision.

Good Luck!

Regards, JAFO

and remember that my post may only be worth what you paid me for it (;>)
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