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Subject:  Re: Excel add-in - does one exist? Date:  1/13/2012  6:52 PM
Author:  rharmelink Number:  3646 of 3707

I tried it, and it worked well, but what I am looking for seems conceptually a lot simpler. I would like to take an Excel spreadsheet with a column of stock symbols, then use that as a key to fill in the appropriate data for each row with a stock symbol.

The things you're asking for are very easy with the add-in, both with the basic data and with the more detailed data you'd want later. Although some data items are easier than others.

For example, to get the basic items you mention -- price, EPS, Market Cap, Dividends, P/B -- on the ticker symbols in B4 thru B103, you'd just need to use a single add-in array-entered formula:


All that data should be returned and filled into EXCEL worksheet cells in just a second or so.

You could even put the individual data item requested in the row above (i.e. "sl1ej1dyp6"), and use this formula instead:


...making it easy to change which data items to see without touching the formula.

Or, you could get the same data from a FinViz screen output:

=smfGetCSVFile("" & smfJoin(B4:B103,",") & "&c=1,65,16,6,14,11")

Again, those individual field numbers (i.e. "&c=1,65,16,6,14,11") could also be placed in worksheet cells so they are easily changed/updated.

Or, you could use the smfUpdateDownloadTable macro, where you put ticker symbols down a column on the left side of the table, and data item definitions across a column on the top side of the table. When you run the macro, it fills in the table based on the ticker definition for the row and the data item definition for the column.
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