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Subject:  Re: 5 things I learned in 5 years Date:  2/1/2012  2:54 PM
Author:  BuildMWell Number:  40318 of 42233

"Denny- I'm sorry to hear about Jim- I hope he is doing ok. I remember reading a lot of his posts back in the day." - captal07

Don't be sorry, captal07, there is nothing to be sorry about. I am still around and doing quite well. What Denny was referring to was my errors back in 2008 where I used the BMW Method on bank shares and was clipped by the market quite severly.

The good news is I never gave up and made 100% of my losses back between March 2009 and May 2009 with bank stocks! I never gave up on my belief that the banks would rebound and I continued to bet on that recovery...but not with WAC and WM where I lost the big bucks. They were no longer around to aid in the recovery, but the rest came roaring back.

The reason that I am not around here as much as I should be is to be blamed on my boat. My wife and I bought a second home in New Bern, NC, and it came with a boat slip. Owning a 40 foot boat slip provides a very good reason for owning a 38 foot boat and, being a BMW Method believer, I just had to apply it to the purchase of a historically under-valued sailboat. Now, I spend my time varnishing teak instead of looking at the stock market. Thus, I am not around TMF like I used to be and my stock portfolio is still looking quite nice.

The beauty of the BMW Method is it allows us to buy at historical lows and then allow the market do all of the work. The more time I can spend sanding teak, the better. The market doesn't know whether I am watching FOX Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, or painting varnish onto wood. Actually, applying varnish is far more lucrative as it adds value to a C&C sailboat while watching the financial channels is almost a total waste of time.

So, please do not count me out. I am alive and well and making money with my investments. Heck, I have been retired now for 17 years and investment income is how I live. This sailboat of mine was bought by Mr. Market just last year. Mr. Market also paid for my brushes, sandpaper and varnish. He puts diesel in the tank, buys new sails and pays the taxes every year. Thank goodness he cannot see how little I do for him in return. Mr. Market is one hard working dude...and I love him for it. I have figured out that the best bet is to just leave him alone and let him work for me.

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