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Subject:  Re: Souls learn faster with electric current? Date:  2/12/2012  4:23 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  23825 of 26618

Did you read the article or only my short summary?

I scanned it

In the article, she says the effect on her was to shut off a lot of her internal commentary.

Right, which I characterized as increasing her ability to focus on the task.

I heard JP Moreland address this issue recently. He described us as a soul attached to a brain, with inherent limitations as long as we are connected that way. He gave an analogy of a driver strapped and locked to a car seat, being limited in many ways by the function of the car/engine. Say the fuel injectors were clogged. It would affect our ability to move.

What do you think would imply inconsistency with having a soul?

heh, I knew you'd ask that. I don't know off-hand. Seems like one of those unproveable things that if you didn't have one, you'd never find out :-) It's part of the baggage of Christianity.

But evidence for something non-material that makes you "you" could come from Jesus' resurrection. What made the continuity possible from his pre-death self to his post-death self? If true that Jesus rose from the dead, I'd say that suggests something like the soul is plausible.
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