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Subject:  Re: getting "divorced" Date:  2/13/2012  9:54 PM
Author:  levars Number:  2735 of 2758

If you really dislike taking care of her cats, you want to push for finding a way for her to take them or for them to move to a new home. If you happen to like cats, you might think of them as your cats now.

I actually don't mind the cats at all, I really like them... the boy cat is more like a dog, he'll follow you everywhere and is constantly seeking approval and attention.

They are indoor only, so as much as I hate to lose them, it will literally be a physical relief because I'm actually quite allergic. They trigger asthma attacks, in addition to becoming basically blind due to my eyes swelling and tearing... For about a year or two after we first moved in together I was taking prescriptions to control the allergies, it was passable but not perfect. I became worried about the long term effects on me from the medication (I'm thinking 15+ years of taking it), so I went off the medications and was getting by mainly through excluding the cats from the bedroom/bathroom, and excluding myself from "their" areas (like the living room)... I can hardly sit on my couch for 5 mins, let alone lay down on it... Tho in some cases it's been good--I was banned from any dusting, vacuuming and other cleaning activities like that :)... I do have a prescription rescue inhaler, I probably use it 1-2X/wk at worst.
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