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Subject:  Re: Feeling lost, need advice! Date:  2/17/2012  7:52 PM
Author:  gogreengo Number:  70158 of 88538

Thank you for the excellent feedback!

Guilty as charged.

I will check out those links, thanks!

All known information--That makes sense. IIRC, back in 2008 when people were talking about the housing bubble and the crash to come, the market was humming along nicely for a while (maybe spring/summer?). So I'm wondering how that applied back then?

I guess with the funds I was looking at, I was figuring, if they did well in the last crash, they will do well in the next one whenever that comes along. I am looking at what I thought was typical large value and growth funds, med-small value funds, 4 different types of bonds including emerging market, and a couple of other funds like utilities and hard currency. I tried to look at their performance charts to make sure their growth wasn't all due to going lower than the category in the dip, plus looking at longer term performance.

Good and bad, LOL! I guess by conventional wisdom I meant Foolish wisdom, not that Foolish is conventional. I used to be Foolish, then I became Doom & Gloomish. How do I get my brain back to Foolish? I guess I have felt like we are in unprecedented times with all the gov debt and such. Thoughts?

Also, what are good options for keeping some money "safe" but earn more than money market funds? Not sure I like the idea of being locked into CDs.
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