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Subject:  Re: Feeling lost, need advice! Date:  2/18/2012  11:25 AM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  70164 of 88437

Lots of people panicked way worse than you and sold at the bottom and have still to get back in to the market. You should feel good about that.

Luckily for me, my Dad (accidently) gave me the best investment advice I heard, before I began investing in earnest. He told me in passing that the worst mistake they ever made was to panic in the Oct 1987 crash and sold everything, that if they had just hung on everything would have been ok.

How do I get my brain back to Foolish? I guess I have felt like we are in unprecedented times with all the gov debt and such. Thoughts?
Read those links, and follow the chain of links to other related articles & blogs. Never watch financial TV shows. Never read Money or Smartmoney. And remember that "it's different this time" is *never* true.

Also, what are good options for keeping some money "safe" but earn more than money market funds?
Depends on how "safe" you mean. Utterly safe? Nowhere. Reasonably safe? BND. Mostly safe? Preferred stocks.
Safe as in "otherwise we eat Alpo"? FDIC insured savings account. Currently paying less interest than a postage stamp, though.
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