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Subject:  Civil war over CEO Date:  2/19/2012  3:38 AM
Author:  newsreporter Number:  15551 of 15611

There's A Civil War Brewing At Yahoo Over Its New CEO And His Direction For The Company

During Yahoo's fourth quarter earnings call, new CEO Scott Thompson announced that he has ended a debate that long plagued the company: whether it is a technology/products company or a media company.

"We need to do both," he said.

"We end the debate about which is more important. We must do both."

The truth is, that with that statement, Thompson actually re-ignited an already-settled debate and put the company on the verge of a civil war.

There are two narratives coming from Yahoo insiders about Thompson.

One is that he is a clueless nobody, chosen by a defensive board because he could be controlled.

The people with this view will laugh about how Thompson, who has zero experience in the media industry, doesn't even know what a CPM or impression is.

These sources will sometimes even attack Thompson personally. One told us he is a "megalomaniac" who is so rude that he will begin meetings by belittling subordinates. Others say that Thompson is in a "bunker."

"Apparently the board did no due diligence on the guy," says one source with this view. "I can't fathom why they hired him. There's no relevance to the background of the business we're running."

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