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Subject:  I'm an idiot. Date:  2/27/2012  11:32 PM
Author:  buncherman206 Number:  6768 of 6776

Here's what happened. I had and inappropriate conversation on Facebook with a woman I used to know. Ok, that happened, I cannot deny that. Time goes on and I change the pw on my eamil account. I did not know it at the time, but my wife's email account was linked somehow to my email account. When I changed my pw both me and her received email notices.

A few days go by and I try to log in to my email account. Wrong pw?!? What the heck? I try the new and old pws, but no dice. I try to open my FB, same thing. I'm freaking at this point. What the heck is going on? I try to change my email pw using another email address I had to come up with. They ask you some questions only you would know D.O.B., last email topics, old pw's etc. What I do notice though is 2 email accounts that will receive notices. I'm bewildered. what's going on? I never added any one elses email to my account. Why the heck would I? It doesn't make sense. Anyway I get access to my email account again, but only for the day. Same thing. Believe it or not I don't recognize her email address because they only showed t