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Subject:  Hanger Queens Date:  3/12/2012  10:00 PM
Author:  tjscott0 Number:  611524 of 875671

U.S. Department of Defense officials are trying to slow down production of the new F-35 fighter because testing is revealing more design problems than anticipated. If the current production schedule remains in place there is a high risk that very expensive modifications will be needed for F-35s that have entered service. The air force has already ordered 58 F-35s to be produced before all testing is completed and plans to produce 472 F-35s this way. The Department of Defense is more concerned about the additional costs than the air force, which just wants to get the aircraft into production as quickly as possible. The air force fears that the production orders will be cut even further if the F-35 does not enter service quickly.

The U.S. Air Force is still having problems with the pilot's air supply in its F-22 fighters. Recently, there were three more cases of F-22 pilots apparently experiencing problems. The term "apparently" is appropriate because the pilots did not black out, and a thorough check of the air supply system and the aircraft found nothing wrong. There have been nearly 30 of these "dizziness or disorientation" incidents in the last four years. That's about one incident per hundred sorties.

Twice in the past year the entire F-22 fleet was grounded because of the air supply problems. The first grounding lasted 140 days and ended last September. The second grounding lasted a week and ended four months ago.

Air Force office Chuck Spinney wrote a paper in 1980 titled "Defense Facts of Life". Its premise is that the pursuit of complex technology produced expensive, scare, & inefficient weapons. That the Air Force like a addict was destroying itself on its addiction to expensive overcomplicated technological systems in that it didn't have the money to maintain those systems.

Anyone with an interest:

I dunno mebbe we should be concentrating on correcting design flaws PRIOR to ramping up production.

Nice article on the procurement hustle.
The most intractable problem is the decades old contractor practice of deliberately making an unreasonably low estimate of cost when proposing a design. The military goes along with this, in the interest of getting Congress to approve the money. Since Congress has a short memory the military does not take much heat for this never ending "low ball" planning process.

Congress doesn't have a good memory I believe due to the fact of campaign contributions from defense corporations & defense factories located in their districts[jobs].
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