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Subject:  Re: Black Friend Defends Zimmerman Date:  3/26/2012  9:11 AM
Author:  SaintPatrick1 Number:  1762012 of 2206907

It is a fact that a black friend of Zimmerman defended him on Good Morning America this morning.

You can say that Zimmerman used a gun at a fist fight.
You can say that he was an overenthusiastic Barney Fife.
You can say that he was looking for trouble.
You can say that he faces an uncertain future because of the killing.
You can say that he showed poor judgement.
You can say that his actions took the life of a young boy that had a great future.
You can say that he should be locked up.

It's getting harder to say that he is a racist.
It's getting harder to say that he started the physical contact.
It's getting harder to say that he is evil incarnate.

I learned this weekend on this board that most people here are all or nothing. Obama is all bad or all good. Romney is all bad or all good. I don't usually think that way but I think I slide into it more when I have posted to this board over the past ten years. When I saw people going on and on about how great Elizabeth Warren would be for the Massachusetts Senate seat, I went mad and have been posting horridly mean attacks about her. I don't think she is that bad, I think she has done some good things in her career, but I don't think she would be better for Massachusetts than Scott Brown will be ... nonetheless you would think that she killed my dog the way I write about her here.

I guess it's good to get aggression out on this board. I like posting to this board more than I do posting to other boards because I know that most won't agree with me here about politics. But it would be good if people here would admit when they are wrong once in a while. It would be good if just because you had a fight in a post with someone in the past that you don't join the discussion just to hurl an insult. It would be good if people used this forum to learn things instead of root-root-root for the home team and not give up an inch to the other side.

I remember a few years ago I was having a discussion with friends and took the liberal side of the argument and was pretty passionate about it. I thought, hey, I could go on PA and ask people's opinions about this and get some ammo for my next conversations with these people in the real word. So I posted a question ... even described why I wanted the info. What I got back was sideswipes, venom and accusations that I was framing the question wrongly and that I didn't understand the situation at all and that is not the right question to ask and... you get the point.

Albaby is a great resource on this board and puts such effort into the posts s/he writes (I always see the name albaby and think allbaby and think of pregnancy ...and think albaby is a woman, although I am pretty sure it's Al Baby! and he is a man) and think that such participation makes this board worthwhile. Colovion has been a great resource for this Zimmerman discussion and I would respect Colovion's opinion regardless of if I was against him in a discussion.

Peterabit and I have fought bitterly on the keyboards over the past ten years and sometimes I purposefully made him mad in the worst PA-way. But I give him credit for working his thoughts out on this board and sticking to his guns (even though his support of conspiracy theories make me want to reach through the computer screen myself and strangle him) and even for proving me wrong a few times.

I miss GHDude, GHDude1, GHGal. Don't know if he lurks here, probably not. But the insight that he gave into the military ... you could write a book almost with a collection of his posts.

There are others who can spar with you over the blueness of the sky like Mr. Ken47(it's not really blue it's just the way that light refracts before it reaches the earth...) but even he was right about Lost not being a good tv show in the end.

Anyway, thanks for bringing the info and passion and understanding to this board.
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