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Subject:  Re: Black Friend Defends Zimmerman Date:  3/26/2012  11:39 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  1762081 of 2098145

Crap, hit "submit" too soon, continuing:

You can say he has a previous arrest for assaulting a cop.


You can say that the police lied to the victim's family about Zimmerman's squeaky clean record.

Seems someone spoke out of line when they didn't have all the information. Technically they lied, but I don't think it was with the intent of covering anything up. Making a mountain out of a molehill on this one.

You can say that the police tried to instruct a witness what to say.

Possibly, though it doesn't seem likely IMHO. No need with the rest of the evidence piling up.

You can say that the police took no pictures of the crime scene, the supposed grass stains on Zimmerman;s back or his supposed injuries.

No, you can't say that at all. Not until the full report is released. They very well could have, but they aren't going to release the full re