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Subject:  Re: Black Friend Defends Zimmerman Date:  3/26/2012  12:46 PM
Author:  Vetiver Number:  1762136 of 2207779

"He called the cops on EVERYONE apparently."

No. It was "suspicious Blacks"

""the furtive actions he was making..."

You were there or are you just inventing things. The kid was walking home talking on the phone. What reason did he have to be "furtive" or is being Black being furtive in your eyes as well?.

"He could have spoken to him, turned around then been jumped."
No. The scuffle started during the verbal exchange. Zimmerman asked the kid who are you. The kid asked him why he was following him and then the phone drops. Zimmerman lied about being jumped.

"Making a mountain out of a molehill on this one." That the guy that killed your kid has a previous arrest for assaulting a cop and the police just lied to you about it?

"A 17-year-old kid with NO ID on him? I've had ID on me 24/7/365 since I turned 15, in my experience the only people walking around without ID do so for a reason. That's conjecture, but it's a red flag in my experience. As for the phone, I still want to know if it was locked or damaged (it was dropped apparently."

Assume the phone was completely destroyed. How hard would it be for the police to identify the owner of the sim card?

"...he was shot pretty damn close to the house he was visiting... how did THEY not know what had gone down mere yards from their back door the night before?"

Maybe if there had actually been something of an investigation on the scene. But that's what this argument was about, there seems to have been none.

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