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Subject:  Re: Black Friend Defends Zimmerman Date:  3/26/2012  1:19 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  1762156 of 2207078

How many times have you heard people claim, "but I have a colored friend" or "some of my friends are jewish," and it turns your stomach because you know the person is a flippin' racist.

None. I'm not saying racists don't exist, they certainly do. But how is someone who isn't racist supposed to deny it? They can't. To be accused of it is to be guilty in the eyes of those making the accusation. I've been called racist more times than I can count. But I know damn well that I'm not. How do I prove I'm not? Divorce my wife and marry a minority? Go into poverty adopting a dozen minority orphans? Or simply go about my business not pre-judging others and rolling my eyes at the race-baiters who call me racist because I'm a Conservative, or I'm white, or I'm not an Obama supporter, or I'm an NRA member, or I work for the police, or I'm against Affirmative Action, or any of the other million things that have nothing to do with race but in the eyes of some has to be related to race? Well, that's what I do.

And, just because I can, I'll point out that my son will be attending a week-long daycamp provided by the Ann Arbor Jewish Community Center this summer. I'm not even remotely Jewish. I live in a very diverse community, perhaps the most diverse city in the state of Michigan. I don't have to live here. I don't have to work here. But I do, and while plenty of things frustrate me about this town "them coloreds" or "them Jews" or "them Orientals" don't count at all in that equation.

How does someone like me "prove" they aren't racist? For some it doesn't matter, I'm clearly guilty for some reason. So screw em. They can think whatever they think, if they don't believe me they can kiss my... ahem.
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