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Subject:  Re: Black Friend Defends Zimmerman Date:  3/26/2012  4:46 PM
Author:  franchot Number:  1762254 of 2210602

Or simply go about my business not pre-judging others

Colovion, an admirable sentiment. I think it's absolutely incumbent upon those whose jobs, even if self appointed, require them to make assessments of total strangers in stressful situations, to rigorously uphold that lofty standard. One of the things which I find troubling about the death of Trayvon Martin is the following exchange as recorded by the 911 operator:

"These a-------. They always get away," Zimmerman said on a 911 call.

I'm not going to comment on whether he did or did not accompany this with any form of the c word, but how can this be perceived as anything other than an explicit example of 'pre-judging?' Trayvon had been subsumed - from individual to generic member of a group towards whom Zimmerman felt clearly expressed hostility. Not only that, but 'these a...... ' were A) always guilty and B)never punished - they always get away. Did that influence what happened? I don't know. I understand what you have said about the provisions of SYG, that it allows person x to follow person z, initiate an exchange which escalates into confrontation, and then if person x gets smacked, he can shoot person z dead. And legitimately claim self defense. I absolutely believe that people have the right to defend themselves. But in my book, choosing to follow a total stranger, who may well not know that you are a neighborhood watch captain is a threatening act. I can see that should this ever go to trial, it will be very hard to get a conviction. One narrative will dominate. And that narrative willl be from the only person who survived this lethal encounter. Dunno. Very sad set of affairs.
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